Shallow Sunny B Masterclass

Shallow Sunny B Masterclass: Glenn Walker, a Northland Tackle Pro Staff member, shares comprehensive insights into optimizing the use of Northland Fishing Tackle's Elite Series Shallow Sunny B crankbait for bass fishing. Walker emphasizes diverse fishing scenarios, from targeting shallow water wood stumps and laydowns in river systems or lakes to imitating baitfish behavior during the warmer months. He highlights the lure's effectiveness in presenting an alternative to commonly used spinnerbaits and chatterbaits, particularly in areas frequented by bass. Walker's recommendations extend to gear selection and line choice, advocating for a 7-foot medium-heavy rod with a parabolic bend to absorb strikes and prevent hook dislodgement. Additionally, he suggests adjusting fluorocarbon line weight to control the lure's depth, emphasizing its versatility in both shallow and deeper water applications. Walker's expertise offers anglers valuable strategies for maximizing success with the Shallow Sunny B in various bass fishing environments and seasons.

The Shallow Sunny B features all the bite-sized benefits of its deeper running counterpart, but in a shallow diving design. Coming in at 5 cm this bait is a hard-to-refuse snack for largemouth and smallmouth bass. Its shallow bill and semi-flat semi-round balsa body give it a tighter action than traditional balsa baits. This makes the Shallow Sunny B perfect for casting over weeds and cover year-round, and a great option during those cold early spring or late fall days on the water. The Elite Shallow Sunny B comes out of the box with sticky sharp Gamakatsu treble hooks.

How to Fish: Glenn shares his preferred techniques for fishing the Elite Series Shallow Sunny B crankbait for bass. He recommends using a 7-foot medium-heavy rod with a parabolic bend to absorb the force of strikes and prevent treble hooks from tearing out of the bass's mouth during intense fights. For keeping the bait in the upper water column, especially in shallow areas with riprap or laydowns, Walker suggests using 15 lb Seagar fluorocarbon line. However, when targeting deeper structures like stumps in 4 feet of water, he advises downsizing to 10 or 12 lb fluorocarbon to allow the lure to dive effectively.

Where to Fish: Glenn highlights his preferred fishing locations for the Elite Series Shallow Sunny B crankbait, focusing on shallow water environments with wood stumps, laydowns, and similar structures found in river systems or lakes. He emphasizes the effectiveness of this lure in areas where bass frequently encounter spinnerbaits and chatterbaits, providing anglers with an alternative presentation. Walker notes that the Shallow Sunny B's tight wobble closely mimics baitfish, making it an enticing option for bass in such environments. His recommendation underscores the lure's versatility and its potential to trigger strikes from bass accustomed to seeing conventional offerings like spinnerbaits and chatterbaits in these habitats.

Why to Fish: Glenn explains his preference for fishing the Shallow Sunny B due to its exceptional baitfish imitation capabilities throughout the year. He highlights the period from June to August as particularly effective, noting the lure's ability to mimic the growing profile of baitfish during this time. Walker emphasizes the significance of the lure's Balsa construction, which enables it to slowly rise when bumped against cover during retrieval. This action often triggers strikes, making it a highly effective choice for enticing bass in various conditions. Walker's insights underscore the Shallow Sunny B's versatility and its ability to replicate natural baitfish behavior, making it a go-to option for bass anglers seeking consistent success on the water.


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