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Bemidji, Minn. – Northland Fishing Tackle’s renowned Rippin’ Shad packs more eye appeal than ever, thanks to an enhanced color palette that includes eight brand-new fish-catching patterns designed to trigger more panfish, pike, walleyes, and trout.

“The Rippin’ Shad is a proven producer for vertical jigging through the ice, as well as casting and jigging in open-water situations,” says Northland Product Manager and well-traveled angling expert Chip Leer. “The addition of eight enhanced colors, including a selection of glows and metallics, makes this great lure even better.”

Featuring a flat head for an aggressive, tight-wiggling action, the Rippin’ Shad’s forage-mimicking body also houses a raucous rattle chamber that floods the underwater world with fish-attracting sounds and vibrations.

“Internal weighting helps the lure keep its balance during jig strokes and retrieves,” Leer adds. “It’s deadly for calling walleyes and other predators within striking distance under the ice, but the Rippin’ Shad also excels when you’re casting to largemouth bass and other gamefish spring through fall.”

The Rippin’ Shad features two razor-sharp treble hooks and a perfectly positioned dorsal line tie, allowing the bait to assume a lifelike horizontal position when at rest.

It’s available in three sizes from 1/8- to 5/8-ounce. “The 1/8-ounce version is great for aggressive perch, crappies, and super-sized bluegills,” says Leer. “The mid-size 3/8-ounce option is ideal for walleyes and pike, while the 5/8-ounce heavyweight is my choice for trophy walleyes, pike, and lake trout.”

The Rippin’ Shad comes in six glow-in-the-dark color patterns and a pair of flashy metallic finishes. Suggested retail for all sizes and colors is $4.99.

Sizes                                       MSRP             Same great Action, Eight New Colors

1/8-ounce, 1½-inch              $4.99               Six Glow Patterns, Two Metallic Finishes

3/8-ounce, 2-inch                                         Flat Head For Tight-Wiggling Action

5/8-ounce, 2 5/8-inch                                  Raucous Rattle Chamber 

                                                                    Internally Weighted For Perfect Balance     

                                                                    Ideal For Vertical Jigging And Casting


Glo White Tiger, Glo Perch, Glo Firetiger, Glo Purple Tiger, Glo Tiger Shrimp, Glo Redfish Tiger, Silver Red, Gold Black

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