Walleye fisherman holding up a walleye caught on the Rippin' Minnow


Walleye fishing has evolved from the basic traditional casting shallow and trolling deep to casting and trolling the complete water column no matter the body of water.   Seasonal presentations have always predominated whereas now some of these presentations have become mainstay “Go-To’s” in almost every month of the open water season.

Until recently, casting to walleyes was always reserved for spring, fall, or shore fishing.  Today’s electronics give us the ability to locate even a single fish allowing us to target them by casting even in some of the deepest water effectively.  Casting allows us to deliver baits directly to fish rather than covering uninhabited water.

Walleye anglers have realized that their arsenals need to contain baits that can be cast to mimic baitfish while simultaneously producing a bite enticing action.   Glide baits like the Puppet Minnow have more than proven to be effective year-round walleye baits.  Plastics are now widely used for their scent, lifelike feel, and unmatched action.  Angling success has led Northland Tackle to combine the ideals to produce the Northland Tackle Rippin’ Minnow.


Rippin' Minnow in a walleyes mouth


After making a few casts with a Rippin’ Minnow, the feel of the gliding or darting action was obvious and simply added strike production.  The darting and swimming action not only enticed strikes but the added plastic body produced a lifelike minnow action that increased the walleye’s aggressive behavior.  Simple to cast, walleye fishing with the Rippin’ Minnow can cover water and entice bites resulting in big walleyes!

The variety of sizes and colors adds to the diversity making matching hatches, baitfish, and water conditions easy.  Move over baits……. after a day on the water, I’m making room for the Northland Rippin’ Minnow in my walleye fishing tackle box!

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