Fisherman holding up a walleye he caught on the Deep-Vee Bucktail jig


Northland Fishing Tackle exerts its dominance in the world of jig fishing, adding a revolutionary new design to its long line of customer favorites.  The Deep-Vee Jig sports a keeled “DEEP-VEE” design that’s thicker on top, and thin on the bottom to track straight, and fall fast.

The Deep-Vee Jig looks in profile to be an average Aspirin-shaped head, but a head-on view reveals the V-shaped design that promises to be a fish-favorite.  No other manufacturer offers this design, further cementing Northland Fishing Tackle’s reputation as an industry leader and innovator.

The Deep-Vee Jig features holographic, 3D eyes that exude a “match-the-hatch” realism, all on the V-shaped jig platform.  Walleye key in on realistic features in any lure and use it as a focal point for their aggression as they target the bait in a variety of settings.

Northland Fishing Tackle Deep-Vee jig in Parrot color

Deep-Vee Jig – Parrot

The Deep-Vee Jig also sports a Barb-Wire® keeper to lock on soft plastics and live bait alike.  That makes the new design a true chameleon, fishing well vertically, casted, or also when dragging, no matter what trailer is put on the business end of the hook.  River anglers will find the Deep-Vee Jig a major asset in current situations, to pitch and wash downstream, or to drag back to the boat, tracking true the entire way.

The intersection of V-shaped form, 3D eye design, and Barb-Wire® keeper function will make it an incredibly versatile jig.  Pitch shallow and rip it back to the boat with soft plastics, fish it deep vertically with live bait, or try any combination in between to tame panfish and predators from lakes to rivers and beyond.

Deep-Vee jig with a soft plastic bait rigged on it

With an MSRP of $5.99, the Deep-Vee Jig comes 3 jigs per card, in 12 proven colors.  Offered in 4 sizes 1/16 oz. (#2 hook), 1/8 oz. (#1/0 hook), 1/4 oz. (#2/0 hook), 3/8 oz. (#3/0 hook) there’s a perfect Deep Vee Jig for any species and situation.

MSRP – $5.99

Size : Available in 4 SIZES – 1/16 oz. (#2 hook), 1/8 oz. (#1/0 hook), 1/4 oz. (#2/0 hook), 3/8 oz. (#3/0 hook)

Colors: 12 COLORS

Deep-Vee Bucktail jig rigged with a soft plastic bait rigged on it

Perhaps no other jig design has been as popular over time as the standard bucktail jig. For good reason, even the U.S. Navy realized its potential when packing emergency kits for WWII sailors and pilots with bucktail jigs. Today, Navy SEAL teams are still equipped with bucktail jigs for use in survival situations, cementing its fish-catching importance forever in the annals of history and offering an endorsement as no other lure-class has enjoyed since the bare hook.

The Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig features the same benefits that bucktail has always had, in a great profile that mimics a variety of prey, while fishing in a life-like manner and offering little drag like other materials. Add that list of benefits to the existing accolades of the Deep-Vee Jig base, and you’ve got a lure with past proven performance, in present-day variation that improves upon old standards.

The Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig can be fished in a number of ways and in a variety of situations. Heavier versions excel in deeper water for vertically targeting walleyes and other predators, while lighter options can be cast shallow and hopped, dragged, or “ripped” back to the boat. The Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig is an excellent bait in river and stream scenarios, holding true in current due to the jig design, and staying near the bottom with no “washout” due to the low-drag bucktail.

Northland Fishing Tackle Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig

With an MSRP of $3.99 – $4.59, the Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig comes with one jig per card, in 12 proven colors. Offered in 4 sizes – 1/16 oz. (#2 hook), 1/8 oz. (#1/0 hook), 1/4 oz. (#2/0 hook), 3/8 oz. (#3/0 hook) there’s a perfect Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig for any species and situation.

  • MSRP – $3.99 – $4.59
  • Size: Available in 4 sizes – 1/16 oz. (#2 hook), 1/8 oz. (#1/0 hook), 1/4 oz. (#2/0 hook), 3/8 oz. (#3/0 hook)
  • Colors: 12 COLORS
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