Tips for Early Ice Walleyes on Red Lake Walleye: Brian Brosdahl, Brad Hawthorne and Nick Lindner share some Red Lake Walleye Tips that will help you catch more fish this early ice season.

Red Lake Ice Spoon Kit

Red Lake Ice Spoon Kit

Red Lake Ice Spoon Kit – 21/Kit – Assorted with Box


Everything you will need to have a great day on Red Lake this winter no matter what conditions you are faced with. This kit includes an assortment of not only the best colors, but also the best selection of profiles and actions proven to be successful not only on Upper Red but all stained bodies of water.

  • Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon
  • Bro Bug Spoon
  • Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon
  • Macho Minnow Spoon
  • Forage Minnow Spoon
  • Forage Minnow Jig
  • Glass Buck-Shot Spoon


Kit includes an assortment of 18 packaged spoons and jigs, a 36 inch Northland ruler scale, a pair of line clippers and a Northland tackle box.


Glass Buck-Shot Spoon

Glass Buck-Shot Spoon (Super-Glo Redfish)

Glass Buck-Shot Spoon (Super-Glo Redfish)


The Glass Buck-Shot® Spoon offers a new sound for ice anglers. The Glass Buck-Shot® Spoon is constructed of a lead frame, features a high-pitched glass rattle and is entirely encased in a clear hard resin. The resin’s contact with the rattle transfers sonic vibrations to the exterior of the spoon triggering fish to strike. The exterior resin also looks like a natural, semi translucent baitfish while protecting the paint against scratches and chips. The new Glass Buck-Shot® Spoon comes in three sizes 3/32, ⅛ and ¼ and 10 colors.

  • Features realistic “Glass “translucent baitfish patterns 
  • High pitch glass Buck-Shot® Rattle calls fish in 
  • Flutters, flashes and rattles to entice fish to bite


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