Northland Rumble Series Crankbaits puts Northland Fishing Tackle officially in the premium crankbait game. Introducing the Rumble Shad, Rumble Stick, Rumble Shiner, Rumble Monster and Rumble Beast.

15 game changing colors, an exclusive HCM molding process, and years of research and development have us confident that these new crankbaits will find a comfortable place in your lineup. Whether it’s trolling, casting, lead core, or planer boards there’s an answer in the Northland lineup.

We’ve covered all the bases from shad to shiners, smelt to perch, panfish to crayfish there’s a color and profile in the Rumble Series that will match the hatch and reach the depths you need it to.

These baits were designed by none other than chief lure designer Jarmo Rapala. He knows fishing is better with balsa…

From a block of the finest balsa wood to welded, through-wire construction to the finished hand-painted and individually tank-tested bait, all Northland Rumble series baits are handmade with a unique heat compression molding process that ensures unmatched durability, and lures that run true on the troll and retrieve—as well as cast farther than the competition.

Every little detail that went into these Northland Rumble Series Crankbaits was put into place to ensure the most refined, polished, and high performing product on the market and we want it to be in your hands this fishing season.

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