High-speed spinner flashes a million-dollar smile
New MR. WALLEYE® Willow Crawler Hauler
It is another Northland winner!


BEMIDJI, MN – On the professional walleye circuit it’s tough to keep a secret. For several years, Mr. Walleye® Gary Roach kept a red hot rig under his hat. Fortunately for anglers, he just let the cat out of the hat, unveiling his MR.WALLEYE® WILLOW CRAWLER HAULER, the sparkling speed demon of the walleye world.

Bright bold cousin of the original, the new MR.WALLEYE® WILLOW CRAWLER HAULER kicks in the afterburners, flashing underwater like a school of suspended baitfish. Hand-snelled with a premium Matzuo® Needle-Point Blood Red #1 Live-Bait hook followed by a #6 treble hook, a durable 60”, 17-pound test fluorocarbon leader, meaty #6 facetted beads, and a pair of “holographic” Baitfish-Image™ willow leaf attractor blades, this professional rig calls fish from afar. The throbbing set of blades spin, flash and violently shake the crawler, creating maximum flash and lifelike reflection to trigger strikes.

“The MR.WALLEYE® WILLOW CRAWLER HAULER is a proven tournament winner,” says NORTHLAND MARKETING MANAGER Eric Naig. “For power trolling big suspended walleyes in the Great Lakes and beyond, this is one hot rig. The lean and mean Baitfish-Image® willow leaf attractor blades let you pick up the speed, pulling the rig behind dipsy divers, downriggers, snap weights, and planer boards. Teamed with a juicy nightcrawler, the MR.WALLEYE® WILLOW CRAWLER HAULER trolls at the same speed as a crankbait. This lets you cover those wide-open spaces where giant walleyes roam, attracting their attention like a school of baitfish. Speed kills, and this rig makes ‘em bite!”

The MR.WALLEYE® WILLOW CRAWLER HAULER is the pro’s best-kept secret. Tournament tested by Gary Roach and the TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro-Staff, this lethal crawler harness features 7 flashy color patterns, each available with tandem #3 and #4 willow leaf attractor blades.


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