Walleye Opener Tips & Strategies

We reached out to a number of hardcore walleye sticks and asked for their best walleye catchin’ advice for anglers fishing the 2022 MN Walleye Opener. Enjoy the A+ info!

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Each year the water and air temps may dictate the willingness of walleyes to eat, but there’s usually an effective pattern going on somewhere. That’s true in early ice-out years as well as the late ones. You just might need a handful of walleye fishing tips up your sleeve to keep throwing at them. Depending on timing, your location, and what aggressive presentations are allowed given water temperature, here are a few walleye fishing patterns to work come opening day or night.


Could there be a better bait delivery method? You can pitch and cast, hop, skip, drag, troll, and finesse your way to shallow walleye bites. Looking for a short-shank jig to thread on a simple fathead? The Northland Fire-Ball jig has caught more walleyes than any other. There’s a convenient second tie-eye for you to clasp a stinger hook onto as well, making it a great option for short striking fish. Looking to pitch around soft plastics? Pair up with the new Deep-Vee Jigs which feature a large fish-attracting eye and a prevalent hook keeper. The thicker on top and thin on bottom design allow them to track straight and fall fast.


The new Northland Rumble Series has multiple crankbaits in the lineup that will serve threat as casting and trolling baits. The first is the Rumble Shiner, which mimics adult shiners known to be in the shallows spawning during this time of the year. For covering large shallow areas, cast and make long pulls with pauses mixed in. The slowly rising balsa action makes this a tough bait to resist as walleyes roam these flats in search of large minnows. The Rumble Shad crankbait will be another great opener lure, casting or trolling. An increasing number of anglers are fishing the evening opener, starting at midnight, to take advantage of actively feeding shallower fish. That’s where thrown or pulled, this shad-style crankbait will excel. During the daytime, use it to fish the first break line.


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