Lead Core Walleye Trolling Tips:  Jason Mitchell breaks down how to use lead core to troll small young of the year imitating crankbaits like Rumble Bugs to catch scattered walleye on deep transitions and off deep structure late into the summer.  A deadly way to put a lot of walleye in the boat right now during midsummer on many fisheries. Lead core rod and reel trolling setup explained.

The beauty of lead core trolling is the ability to use smaller baits presented in much deeper water than they could normally run. From June to August fish are often chasing smaller bait and will turn their nose up at larger offerings. Following fish out from their spring areas may require probing long expanses of deep water and covering those areas quickly until you run into active fish that are willing to eat. Trolling is the most effective way to do this and a little snack-sized offering like a Rumble Bug is extremely effective and difficult for fish with a high metabolism to pass up.

Jason says that speed is everything with lead core and the easiest way to determine where you need to be is to let out line until you feel the lead core hitting bottom and then reel up until the lure is vibrating through the rod meaning you are just barely running off the bottom.

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