Jig Trolling Fall Crappies: Joel Nelson and Nick Lindner break down the ins and outs of jig trolling for deep water crappies. This tactic works well in summer around deep weed lines, as well as in fall over structure and deep basin areas.

In this video, Joel Nelson and Nick Lindner dive into an extremely effective strategy for finding and catching fall crappies. Jig trolling is a simple well-known tactic that has put fish in the boat for many years. It’s just like trolling crankbaits but with jigs. Cast a Thumper Crappie King, Thumper Jig, Mimic Minnow Shad, or a Deep-Vee Jig tipped with live bait or plastic and put the boat in gear around 0.7-1.0 mph. Pay attention to your electronics. The higher the fish are in the water column, the higher you’re going to want to run your baits. Jig size, trolling speed, the amount of line you have out, and line type will impact how deep your jig runs in the water column. Watch the video above to learn how Joel keys in on the optimal setup for any situation. For more about the Thumper Crappie King see below.

Thumper Crappie King

Jig Trolling Fall Crappies: Thumper Crappie King

Thumper Crappie King – Silver Shiner


The crappie and panfish anglers’ favorite! Designed with a lifelike minnow head, a thumping belly blade, and tantalizing “Double-Curl” Screw tail soft plastic. Flutter and swim over and around weeds, brush, and stumps at a slow to moderate pace. A great choice in any condition, but extremely effective in moderate to darkly stained water. A killer for crappies, white bass, and other panfish, plus bass, walleyes, and trout.

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