Bemidji, Minn. – Blending breakout jig design with a profoundly lifelike, naturally-flavored soft-plastic body, Northland Fishing Tackle’s new IMPULSE® Live Rigged Paddle Minnow is ready to put walleyes and other gamefish in the boat.

“This deadly duo takes the guesswork out of jig and softbait selection,” says multi-species maven and Team Northland™ pro-Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. “The baitfish-imitating bodies are precisely matched to ultra-realistic, stand-up jig heads and conveniently pre-rigged so all you have to do is tie one on to start catching fish.”

Brosdahl is a huge fan of the bait’s robust, deep-bodied profile and hard-thumping, high-action paddle tail. “The thick, true-to-life body mimics juvenile sunfish, shad, and other burly baitfish,” he says of the latest addition to Northland’s proven, fish-catching family of IMPULSE® REACTIONARY BAITS. “Coupled with its seductive, wobbling action, it triggers vicious strikes from a variety of predators.”

Further strengthening the sleight of hand, the IMPULSE® Live Rigged Paddle Minnow’s head and body are cloaked in holographic HD Fish-Photo-Image® colorations that shimmer and flash as it wobbles through the water. “Plus, the specially designed jig head helps give the body a realistic swimming action on the retrieve and natural, upright orientation when at rest,” he adds. “And each head is armed with a super-sharp, black-nickel hook that sticks fish and holds ’em tight.”

The IMPULSE® Live Rigged Paddle Minnow is also super-charged with the scent and flavor of Northland’s IMPULSE® Instinctual Attractant, which features a baked-in MicroPlankton formula fish can’t resist. In exhaustive laboratory testing, IMPULSE® was scientifically proven 143 percent more effective than competitive brands.

The IMPULSE® Live Rigged Paddle Minnow retails for $3.49 to $4.39 per two rigged baits (depending on size) and is available in 3/64- to 3/8-ounce jig weights in six high-definition, holographic baitfish-imitating color patterns.

Sizes MSRP Swimming Stand-Up Jig Head
3/64- to 3/8-ounce $3.49-$4.39 IMPULSE™ Instinctual Attractant
Rigged And Ready To Fish!
Colors Seductive Wobbling Swimming Action
Walleye, Silver Shiner, Perch Lifelike Profile, And Feel
Bluegill, Crappie, White Bass Mimics Deep-Bodied Baitfish
Holographic HD Fish-Photo-Image® Finish

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