Brad Hawthorne explains the ins and outs of the brand new Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon. He shares a few of his favorite colors, when he prefers different size options, and how to work the bait to maximize its action.

The unique weight forward design allows the bait to fall fast and punch through slush in your holes but also allows for a seductive back end flutter and kick from the tail fin.

The Buck Shot Coffin spoon is loud and rings the dinner bell whether you’re fishing hungry crappies and bluegills, giant walleye or jumbo perch you will call in fish from greater distances and keep them interested longer with this new design.

Every body of water has a different color pattern that shines whether it’s gold on Lake of the Woods, Firetiger on Mille Lacs, or White and Pink on the Mississippi River Northland has you covered on all of the top producing colors across the ice belt.

The Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon will be your new favorite ice fishing spoon after just a couple trips, our pros know and you will too that’s why we are still “The Fisherman’s Favorite.”

If you are looking for some additional ice fishing spoons to try out this ice fishing season, here is a list of our top five ice fishing spoons.

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