Elite Pro Sunny B Deep

Northland® Introduces New Elite Series Hardbaits with the Pro Sunny B Deep

Expanding bass line-up includes the 2023 BASSMASTER CLASSIC winning Smeltinator® with seven balsa crankbaits handpicked by Gussy for all depths & conditions, including the upcoming 2024 Classic

BEMIDJI, Minn. (March 20, 2024) – Northland® Fishing Tackle is proud to release their Elite Series Hardbaits this week, the mix including seven shapes and six colors, all handpicked by Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson himself. While some are like Northland’s sister brand, Bagley Baits, new Northland Elite Series Hardbaits include new designs, improved components, and out-of-the-package, tournament-ready performance.

New Northland Elite Series Hardbait Models Include:

Elite Pro Sunny B Deep


The new Northland ELITE PRO SUNNY B DEEP features all the beneficial characteristics of balsa with a modern body design. Constructed using Northland’s Heat-Compression Molding (HCM) manufacturing process, this lure has all the unique benefits of balsa but with more consistency. Its hand-tuned, deep-diving lip makes it perfect for chasing bass as they transition into (or out of) deeper waters. The PRO SUNNY B DEEP weighs a mere ½-ounce and measures only 3 inches long from its balsa nose to tail, making it a particularly appealing cold-water or pressured situation presentation.

“This crankbait takes the popular Pro Sunny B to new depths of 10 -to 12-feet,” says Northland Marketing Manager and club tournament bass angler, Charlie Peterson.

Peterson continues: “With its unique lip design, the new Northland PRO SUNNY B DEEP starts diving the moment you turn the reel handle with a nice, tight action, but in a smaller balsa crankbait profile than most hardbaits available in this depth range. Plus, we added premium #4 Gamakatsu treble hooks to make the bait tournament-ready, right-out-of-the-box—and six, must-have colors for bass through the seasons.”

Elite Pro Sunny B Deep


“When it comes to cranks, the Bagley Sunny B family has always been a favorite,” says Gussy. “They’ve caught fish for a long time. I’ve done well with them up north for smallies, cold-water largemouths in the south, and spotted bass, too.

“As far as the new Northland PRO SUNNY B DEEP, I think it’s going to excel in cold water as fish are transitioning from deep to shallow in spring, besides deeper summer and fall fish. And I think it’s going to be a good big bass bait. So I’m definitely going to have a couple tied on for the Classic,” continues Gussy.

Talking colors, Gussy said he wanted to give bass anglers what he’d choose for his own tournament survival kit, rather than a billion different color choices.

“I wanted to give anglers the six colors they really need from south to north whether you’re on a craw, shad, or bluegill bite. Right now, spring in the south, the brown and red craw colors are typical choices, but we’ve got some good shad patterns, too, so I’ll have one of each ready on deck.”

The other thing Gussy likes about the new ½-ounce, 3-inch design for cold, spring water temps, is that it’s not overbearing and “sort of a finesse crankbait with their smaller profile, compared to a lot of the stuff that’s out there. And the fact it’s balsa, it has that classic action and deflects off cover better.”

Gussy also insisted that Northland offer tournament-quality treble hooks on his six hand-picked new Northland hardbaits.

“Unlike some baits, these cranks are ready to go right out of the package, no messing with split ring pliers and sizing up or down—or to a different brand of hook. The #4 Gamakatsu trebles are super strong, sharp, and good to go. They’re tournament ready and should catch every level of angler more bass.”

Speaking of bait design and components, Gussy says there’s something to be said for the hand-testing and tuning that takes place with every Northland packaged bait.

“Without getting into a ton of science, Heat Compression Molding (HCM) ensures every Northland hardbait is properly weighted, balanced, and strong—and runs with the right action and wobble for the model—due to internal components you can’t see on the inside of the balsa and hand-testing. Now you can pick any bait package off a peg and it will run the same. That’s pretty cool.”

Elite Pro Sunny B Deep


And just what will Gussy be throwing the new Northland PRO SUNNY B DEEP on?

“Starting with line, I mostly run 12 lb. fluorocarbon for crankbaits, stepping up to 14- or 16 lb. fluoro with a bigger bait like the Pro Sunny B if there are a lot of stumps, timber, or cover around. But for the smaller PRO SUNNY B DEEP, 12 lb. is perfect for pretty much everywhere and you get a lot of action out of it,” notes Gussy.

“For rods, I run the G. Loomis IMX-PRO 906 or IMX-PRO 843, depending on crankbait size. A 6:1 Shimano Curado is the perfect gear ratio for all my new Northland cranks. It’s pretty versatile.”


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