How to customize your Swivel-Head Jig.

In its short life, the Swivel-Head Jig has proven itself as a fish catcher. It consists of a football-style stand-up head, swivel, and Northland’s Crawler Hauler Hook. This creates a swinging swiveling action unlike any walleye jig on the market. On top of that, the swivel makes the jig harder for fish to spit allowing you to get more fish to the boat. But sometimes the Crawler Hauler finesse style hook isn’t the best for every job. Jigs are designed as a bait delivery device. Depending on what type of bait you are using you might need a different hook. There are short shank jigs for head hooking minnows as well as long shank jigs for bigger presentations like shiners and chubs. Read along or watch the video and learn how you can customize the Swivel-Head Jig for any bait and situation.

Swivel Head Jig video

The supplies you will need to do this are a small split ring, a new hook you plan to use, and needle-nose pliers. You can also have split ring pliers but it’s not required. First, start by cutting the Crawler Hauler Hook off the Swivel-Head Jig. Use the side cutters on the pliers to get as close as possible to the eye of the hook without damaging the swivel. From there you can attach the split ring to the swivel and then your hook to the split ring. It’s as simple as that! Mix things up with different hooks to create your custom jig. Also, don’t be afraid to add Sting’r Hooks and jig attachments to the split ring.

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