Hair Jigs are a great choice for early season walleyes on Green Bay. Knowing when to fish them over other presentations will up your catch rate greatly!

Pre-spawn walleyes are notorious for eating hair jigs when the water temps drop and you face frontal conditions. Walleyes want that finesse presentation and the action of the Deep-Vee Bucktail cannot be beat especially when you include a deep-vee head design that always falls fast and tracks straight.

The colder the weather the more necessary it is to have that stinger hook for short biting walleyes that won’t commit to aggressive strikes. Hair jigs for are a relatively simple presentation and you have to let the fish tell you the way they want you to fish it. Typically a hard snap jig or popping it off the bottom is a way to get a reaction strike but if the fish are negative then going to a slow drag during your drift can catch a lot more fish. Fish moving around huge flats in this time of year are constantly changing positions so it’s important to move with them and stay paying attention to your side scan electronics until you actually see schools of walleyes.

Color choice varies based on water clarity and baitfish species but black is always a staple in the arsenal as you see in this episode.

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