Northland Fishing Tackle Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon.

Bemidji, Minn. – With its flashy, strike-triggering flutter and fish-attracting external rattle chamber, Northland Fishing Tackle’s lightweight Casting Buck-Shot® Flutter Spoon is a game-changer for anglers targeting freshwater predators of all persuasions.

Wildly successful on the ice fishing scene, the featherweight champion is now available in a trio of sizes geared to soft-water adventures for walleyes, pike, trout, and more. “This is big news for anglers who like catching fish,” quips Northland Product Manager and longtime spooning fan Chip Leer.

“For starters, the Buck-Shot® Flutter Spoon is molded from lead-free, zinc-based Z-Alloy for maximum flash and flutter on the fall,” Leer continues. “Plus, the unique S-curve design gives it more erratic action on the jig and cast.”

Adding to its sensory allure, the Buck-Shot Flutter Spoon also features an external glass rattle that broadcasts high-pitched sound waves into the surrounding water, calling in walleyes and other predators from a wide radius.

“Color options cover the spectrum,” Leer adds. “There are glow-in-the-dark patterns and a pair of metallic finishes, plus four optically brightened UV colors for added visibility in low light and low-vis conditions.”

Buck-Shot Flutter Spoons are available in 1/4-, 7/8- and 1 1/2-ounce weight, with red treble hooks in #2, 2/0, and 4/0 sizes, respectively. Hooks are attached via dual split rings for added action and fewer lost fish. Suggested retail is $5.99.

Sizes MSRP Lightweight Z-Alloy For Maximum Flutter

1/4-ounce, #2 hook $5.99 Exposed Glass Rattle Calls Fish From Afar

7/8-ounce, 2/0 hook  Optically Brightened UV Finishes
1 1/2-ounce, 4/0 hook S-Curve Design Enhances Action

Cast Or Jig For Walleyes, Pike, And More


White Tiger, Red Tiger, Silver, Gold, UV Glo Perch, UV Pink Tiger, UV Purple Tiger, UV Electric Perch

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