New premium hair jig is a “natural” phenomenon
BUCK-A-ROO® JIG couples classic craftsmanship
with trademark Northland Fishing Tackle® realism

Northland Fishing Tackle BUCK-A-ROO® JIG in Silver Shiner
BUCK-A-ROO® JIG – Silver Shiner

BEMIDJI, MN – Long before soft plastics ever dressed a jig hook, lure artisans fashioned some of the deadliest lures ever using all-natural fibers. Foremost among them was deer hair, better known as “bucktail.” It’s doubtful that even today a better material exists for precisely matching the baitfish hatch than a natural swimming bucktail. Bass love it, walleye eat it, and panfish munch it! That is precisely why the jig czars at Northland have crafted the new BUCK-A-ROO® JIG—the most natural, lifelike minnow imitating bucktail jig on the planet!

Never before have so many select lure features come together in one perfect hair jig. The BUCK-A-ROO® JIG features a sculpted minnow jig head, premium Mustad® Ultra-Point™ jig hook, and hand-tied Baitfish-Image® minnow patterns that mimic prey species—live shiners, perch, chubs, sunfish, and even crayfish. These minnow jigs are a time-tested combination of fish-catching characteristics that pulsate and breathe with incredible undulating action; superior for vertical jigging, casting, or dragging over the bottom.

Northland Fishing Tackle BUCK-A-ROO® JIG in Crawfish
BUCK-A-ROO® JIG – Crawfish

Time-proven BUCK-A-ROO® JIGS are number one in my guide bag of tricks,” says TEAM NORTHLAND® member and professional guide, Jason Durham. “They’re super versatile, pulsating and breathing, matching the-hatch and mimicking the live baitfish shiners, perch, and chubs fish dine on. Tipped with live bait, pork, plastic or fished plain, walleye, bass, and trophy panfish slurp them right up. Everything eats ‘em!”

The natural bucktail BUCK-A-ROO® JIG hair jig comes in five hand-tied sizes (1/8, 1/4 & 3/8, 1/2-ounce) and 7 hatch-matching color patterns (Gold Shiner, Silver Shiner, Perch, Chub, Sunfish, Crawfish, and Purple Passion).


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