New Impulse® micro sizes and camouflage colors revealed in Bro’s bag of tricks


Bemidji, MN – Fly fishermen aren’t the only matchers of the hatch. Ice fishing genius Brian “Bro” Brosdahl always keeps his antennae up, especially in the presence of hump-headed panfish. Hatched last year by Northland Fishing Tackle®, BRO’S BUG COLLECTION™ created whole swarms of happy anglers. That’s because they could finally fill their boxes with lifelike bugs, worms, and grubs that fish loved to crunch.

Fresh off the country’s hottest panfish bites, Bro has whipped up a new batch of bugs—a tantalizing mix of micro-larva sizes and nymph-suggestive colors. The hatch begins with the bottom-grubbin’ MUD BUG and his flat-bellied ‘GILL GETTER cousin—available in a new micro #14 size. The bulging-eyed BRO BUG®—the critter that bugs ‘em to bite—is now available in a scaled-down size #12. In the “wormy-things” family, Bro’s “soft & chewy” Impulse® Rigged BLOODWORM JIG and creeping, wriggling Impulse® Rigged SLUG BUG JIG have both metamorphosed into two new earth-tone body patterns: “Grubby Grape” and “Bullhead Black.” Even the deliciously shrimp-like Impulse® Rigged SCUD BUG JIG is now available in these two new appetizing colors.

“Sometimes, the biggest bluegills, perch, and crappies eat the smallest critters that camouflage themselves in drab colors,” asserts Bro, TEAM NORTHLAND®’S famed Pan Man. ”In glass-clear waters where fishing pressure makes fooling these slabs a trick, micro-sized baits and toned-down colors, like those in my new BUG COLLECTION, can make you a real hero out on the ice. Grubby Grape and Bullhead Black—these patterns are now permanently in my bag of tricks.”

BRO’S BUG COLLECTION™ is a menu of panfish favorites— soft, chewy worms, larva, and grubs, as well as crawly, crunchy crustaceans, bugs, and nymphs. Hand-sculpted around a premium ultra-Point™ fine wire hook, each bait is a tasty panfish treat with match-the-hatch features: bulging eyes, ciliated appendages, and whippy, wafer-thin tails. Select patterns also sport Super-Glo® attractor paints for maximum visibility and edibility. For bluegills, crappies, trout, perch, bass, pike, walleye, muskie, . . . it really bugs ‘em to bite!

The collection of innovative lures by Northland Fishing Tackle® is designed, tested, and perfected by John Peterson and the legendary TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro Staff. They are an authority on fresh-water fishing and manufacture a complete line of jigs, live bait rigs, spinnerbaits, and spoons; including the legendary JUNGLE JIG®, BUCK-SHOT® RATTLERS, JAWBREAKER ® SPOON, IMPULSE® Soft Plastics, and many others.


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