Fisherman that caught a spring crappie


Float fishing for spring crappies is as American as apple and with a reward that tastes even better.

BEMIDJI, Minn. (May 11, 2021) – Don’t overthink it. Keep it simple stupid (KISS). Sometimes, there’s a reason the fullest buckets and livewells come at the hands of the most elementary approaches. Catching springtime crappies beneath a properly set bobber, with the perfect morsel, is one of those times.

Watch how crappie ace Nick Cekalla intelligently blankets probable fish-holding hangouts with a very simple plan.


Video on how to fish for spring crappies


Bait or not to bait, that is the question. When Cekalla is float fishing for spring crappies, like other panfish aficionados, foregoes live bait, rather than relying on invertebrates imitating micro soft plastics. Northland’s IMPULSE® Rigged Bloodworm has been terrorizing panfish for years. Molded with a fine wire Lip-Stick® Needle-Point hook, the dynamic jig features a soft and chewy segmented worm body that undulates and swims like an actual bloodworm. The IMPULSE Rigged Bloodworm comes in six surefire colors, each pack containing two rigged jigs and three extra tails.

You can present these plastics as aggressively as needed but often times in the early spring little to no movement is all you need as fish are still not in the mood to chase and will readily slurp down an offering that is just barely drifting along in the breeze or lightly jigged to make the tail quiver.


IMPULSE Rigged Bloodworm (Bloodworm Red)

IMPULSE Rigged Bloodworm (Bloodworm Red)

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