First Ice Tactics that Work


First Ice is prime time for hitting untouched packs of jumbo perch in shallow water. For hole hopping outside, use the Jason Mitchell Elite Series Spring Bobber rod to distinguish light bites. Note the over sized loop used with this particular spring bobber design to make the spring more ice resistant.

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THE FISHING GUIDE’S SECRET “BAG OF TRICKS”Species-specific BRO’S-BUG® KITS They showcase famed guide’s favorite lures!Bemidji, MN – Ever wanted to take a peek inside the tackle box of a famous fishing guide? Who hasn’t, right? Buried beneath all those “other” lures lies that well-hidden “bag of tricks.” It’s that little box of goodies the guide breaks out when no one’s looking.Now available to ice anglers ever…

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The Straight Scoop on the NW Angle


The author found this chunky Angle walleye more than willing to co-operate. Making a trip to the NW Angle on Lake of the Woods has been on my “to do list” for a few years. The promise of walleyes, sauger, jumbo perch and slab crappies that are readily caught in an absolutely incredible setting had me chomping at the bit.

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