Sounds of the Northwoods
Sounds of theNorthwoods

Impulse® Reactionary Baits

“Excite the Bite with Scent, Color & Action”!

After 35 years of field research into what triggers a fish’s instinctual urge to search out and eat certain forage over another, Team Northland® partnered with a leading Minnesota university to study and develop a new scented soft bait formula that revolved around the Tri-Fecta of Attraction . . . Scent, Color and Action.

The University researched dozens of formulations and hundreds of live fish laoratory taste tests around fishes’ chemo- receptors (fish sense of sight, taste and feel), until the secret scent of IMPULSE® Reactionary Baits was discovered. The flavor burst Instinctual Attractant features a baked-in MicroPlanktonTM formula that was proven head to head in live fish lab- oratory tests to be 143% More Effective than the leading brand! Formulated with all natural products, IMPULSE® Reactionary Baits work to urge a fish’s instinctual desire to bite and hold the fortified baits in it’s mouth longer… allowing anglers to catch more and bigger fish.

  • 100% Retention Rate!
  • 143% More Effective!
  • 100% Guaranteed!
  • Independent Lab Proven!

    IMPULSE® Bro's Bloodworm™

    Bro's Bloodworm

    The Impulse Bro’s BloodwormTM is perch and panfish’s favorite forage! Features a “soft & chewy” segmented worm body with lifelike cilia and a wafer-thin tail that undulates and swims like a live bloodworm.

    IMPULSE® Slug BugTM

    Slug Bug

    The Impulse Slug BugTM is Bro’s favorite bug to tease and torment bluegill, perch and crappie. A “soft & chewy” segmented torso and creepin’ feet of a slug worm, and the undulating tail of panfish’s favorite forage… a juicy insect!

    IMPULSE® Scud BugTM

    Slug Bug

    The Impulse Scud BugTM is designed with a segmented crustacean scud body, and features lifelike antennas, legs and a hinged flutter tail to mimic one of panfish’s favorite snack… a freshwater shrimp! Ready to bite back and put the nibblers on ice? Cocktail sauce not included!

    IMPULSE® Mayfly


    Perch and Panfish’s favorite bug Forage! Soft & chewy Mayfly body quiv- ers, pulsates and swims to mimic a hatched out Mayfly. Features a 1” profile.


    Jig’n Tail Mayfly

    Designed with a miniature “true-to-life” mayfly body, and features ultra-sensitive legs and an undulating tri-tail that quiver and pulsate to mimic the larvae of a hatching mayfly. Perch & Panfish’s favorite bug forage!

    IMPULSE® Stone Fly

    Stone Fly

    The multi-species angler’s hottest new natural weapon! Designed with a “true-to-life” long torso, dual antennas, multi-segmented body and creepin' crawlin’ legs. Features 1.60" body.

    IMPULSE® RIGGED Mini Smelt

    Jig’n Tail Mini Smelt

    Mimics a “young- of-the-year” minnow fry to perfection! Has a sleek flat sided miniature 1” body that’s molded from soft plastic, and sports a dolphin shaped “GliderTailTM that darts, glides, jukes and jives on a free fall.

    IMPULSE® Mini Smelt

    Mini Smelt

    Mimics a “young-of-the- year” minnow fry to perfection with a sleek, flat sided miniature 1” body molded from soft plastic.

    IMPULSE® Tapeworm


    The spittin’ image of a live tapeworm! It’s sculpted with rue-to-life” cilia & aquatic hair that undulate like a live tapeworm 1.25” in length.


    IMPULSE® 100% Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied with this IMPULSE® product, return the unused portion along with the purchase receipt within 60 days of purchase to 1001 Naylor Dr SE, Bemidji, MN 56601 to receive a gift certificate in the amount of your purchase price that may be used on any other Northland product.

    Product Benefits:

    IMPULSE® Reactionary Baits are independent lab tested to be 143% more effective than other leading brands by independent lab tests. They feature a natural baked-in MicroPlankton™ formula proven head to head live laboratory fish testing to be 143% more effective based on natural retention rate. This product is molded from a phthalate based material to allow optimal action and color.

    If you are not completely satisfied send your purchase receipt, the unused portion of product and return address within 60 days of purchase for a full refund, in the form of a gift certificate (redeemable online at to Northland Fishing Tackle, 1001 Naylor Dr SE, Bemidji, MN, 56601


    • Limit to one refund per name, household or address
    • Return must contain a portion of unused product and purchase receipt within 60 days of purchase
    • Consumer is responsible for shipping to Northland Fishing Tackle, 1001 Naylor Dr SE, Bemidji, MN, 56601

      Mailing instructions:

    1. Include purchase receipt, unused portion of product.
    2. Write your name, return address and brief explanation of why you were dissatisfied on the back of the receipt
    3. Send to: Northland Fishing Tackle, 1001 Naylor Dr SE, Bemidji, MN, 56601 (allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of refund)

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