When it comes to walleye fishing with soft plastics Tony Roach knows how to get it done. Depending on the conditions he uses a variety of different shapes but if he only had one he would choose the Impulse® Paddle Minnow. Watch the video to find out why!

The best thing about the Paddle Minnow is their versatility and the ability to fish them in a multitude of situations and on a variety of jig heads. Roach says he often finds himself using a little heavier jigs to keep the bait down because he prefers to fish fast but he will adjust based on the depth he is fishing and the mood of the fish.

Roach says really the only thing that changes in his approach with the Paddle Minnow is the cadence he uses based on water temperature. In colder water he opts for a slow bounce off the bottom and as the water warms he will get more aggressive with the cadence to catch more active fish.

In this video you see Roach actively fan casting a shoreline break with scattered boulders. He snaps the jig on semi-slack line and lets it rest momentarily on the bottom before repeating the process. Based on how and when he’s getting bit he will increase the length of time he allows the bait to sit on the bottom before jigging again.

If given one option, the Paddle Minnow gets the nod every single time because it can be fished anywhere and in any cover from rock to timber to vegetation and it’s easy to adjust to different parts of the water column. Swim it, jig it, hop it, or drag it you can have confidence this bait is going to get bit.

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