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Thumper Jig®


The THUMPER JIG® is the ultimate spinner fishing jig! It’s designed with a sleek minnow head, and features a patented "thumper" belly blade that adds flash and pulsating vibration to attract fish . . . and provoke ‘em to strike! An Eagle-Claw® Lazer-Sharp hook and "double-barb" bait holding collar securely holds live bait and soft plastic trailers on the hook.

The THUMPER JIG® is simple to fish. Cast and let them flutter down weedlines, rock ledges & brush piles, or troll and drift them slowly along the bottom. Swim ‘em, hop ‘em or drag ‘em. The thumping blade flickers, flashes & flutters to turn fish on. . . and trigger ‘em to strike!

Fishing Tips

  • Attach directly to light and limp mono line. Do not use snaps, swivels or leaders!
  • Rig with plastic grub, worm, tube tail, power bait or your favorite live bait.
  • Cast and let them flutter down around weeds, rocks and timber, or troll and drift them slowly along the bottom. Swim ‘em, hop ’em, drag ‘em or flutter ‘em . . . it lures ‘em in and turns ‘em on!
  • If fishing action is slow, continue to change lure colors to trigger bites. Lure color preferences change due to light penetration caused by cloud cover, time of day and intensity of the sun.
Thumper Jig - Northland Fishing Tackle
Gary Halvorson

Gary Halvorson

Retail Specialist

Favorite Northland Bait: Buck-Shot Spoon
Years worked at Northland: 8
Favorite species of fish: Muskellunge
Favorite season to fish: Fall
Who taught you how to fish?: Myself
Angling hero: Bob Mesecomer
Non-angling hero: Father
Favorite color: Green
Favorite food: Swiss Steak
Favorite sports team: Vikings