The REED-RUNNER® is a premium quality spinnerbait type of fishing tackle, and simply a fish catch’n machine for Big Bass & Northern Pike. Tournament anglers say it’s one of the finest spinnerbaits on the market today to trigger strikes from lethargic, inactive gamefish!

The REED-RUNNER® is virtually weedless & extremely effective for fishing in, over, around and through heavy patches of reeds, weeds, lily pads and brush stickups for Big Bass, Northern Pike and Muskie. It features a tangle-proof Lazer-Sharp hook, ball-bearing swivel, and our tantalizing action-tail skirt that drives game fish absolutely wild! Throbbing highlift, "deep-cup" spinner blades create maximum flash and sonic vibration. Tie one on . . . and see why it’s called the fisherman’s favorite!

Northland Fishing Tackle
Reed Runner® - Northland Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tips

  • When fishing lily pads, reed patches, weed pockets, stumps or brush stick-ups, always cast a short distance beyond your target and work lure past it!
  • When "buzzing" a spinnerbait in shallow water, start your retrieve as soon as the lure hits the water to create a turbulence & wake on the surface.
  • In clear water, white, black, silver shiner and the shad colors are normally the best. In mildly stained water, chartreuse, green, perch and crawfish colors are the top producers. In dark stained muddy water, choose the hot bladed, high visibility fluorescents!
  • When casting spinnerbaits, try to "bump" the lure against underwater timber, weeds, brush or stumps to give it an erratic action! A sudden change in the lure’s direction and speed often triggers strikes!