The MR. WALLEYE® CRAWLER HAULER was developed after 35 years of professional guiding and tournament fishing by legendary angler, Gary Roach. It's the most versatile and deadly live bait rig concept every designed, and catches fish under ever possible condition! It features many of Gary’s secret fishing tackle components, like premium light-wire VMC Cone-Cut hooks, durable 60" leader and our colored "Quick- Change" attractor weights

The MR. WALLEYE® CRAWLER HAULER is designed to be fished on the bottom, and is available with beaded snells for finesse rigging, or with our deadly Gum-Drop® Floater for catching off-bottom, suspended gamefish. The rigs allow live bait to swim freely in the most natural manner to entice lethargic gamefish to take the hook!

Northland Fishing Tackle
Mr. Walleye® Crawler Hauler - Northland Fishing Tackle


  • Use quality fresh live bait on 6-8 lb. test line. Fish them slowly along bottom, allowing live bait to swim & work naturally!
  • In clear water or during a cold front, use a plain finesse Roach Rig® with a 60"- 96" leader and small to medium sized baits. In stained water, a shorter 24"- 48" snell length is normally best!
  • If fish are suspended up off the bottom, or if the bottom is covered with moss, weeds or rock, rig up a MR. WALLEYE® FLOAT'N CRAWLER HAULER. It will float and elevate your live bait off bottom, and prevent your hook from snagging up and spooking fish!