The MIMIC MINNOW® is the country’s hottest new soft plastic jigging bait! It fools fish like no other lure on the market today! Molded from plastic, it features a lifelike "holographic" Baitfish-Image® body that swims and wiggles to mimic gamefishes’ favorite forage . . . a "soft & chewy" baitfish minnow! A Mustad® Needle-Point hook, 3-D molded eyes and highly reflective holographic "match-the-hatch" Baitfish-ImageTM patterns produce the illusion of live bait and fool ‘em every time! It mimics a minnow and fools ‘em!

The MIMIC MINNOW® is designed with a "stand-up" jighead for bottom jigging, or as a swimbait for fishing over and around weeds, brush and timber. Available in five sizes and in six realistic baitfish colors. They are incredible for Crappie, Bass, Perch, Walleye, Pike, Trout and many saltwater species.

Northland Fishing Tackle
Mimic Minnow® - Northland Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tips

  • Soft plastic swim baits are most effective in rivers, and on shallow lake flats & humps where they feed on or near the bottom. For best results, swim jig with a steady retrieve while maintaining partial bottom contact. The "stand-up" head design is dynamite for swimming and dragging along the bottom!
  • In clear water, Silver Shiner, Bluegill and Rainbow Trout colors are normally best. For slightly stained water, Perch and Firetiger patterns are preferred. In dark stained water, the Gold Shiner is simply the best!
  • When fish are in a neutral or negative mood, dragging jigs slowly along the bottom is the real ticket! Maintain bottom contact with the lightest line and fishing jig possible.