The JUNGLE JIG® is the country’s deadliest flippin & pitchin fishing jig. It’s designed with a sleek "bullet" head that penetrates the deep, dark, dense jungle where fish hide out and grow big! It features a Mustad® Ultra-Point wide gap hook, thumping "00" Buck-Shot® Rattle Claws, tantalizing "Limber-Legs®" action-tail skirt, and a heavy weedless brush guard that penetrates the thickest jungle! It’s dynamite for jiggin, flippin, pitchin, dippin’ & doodlin’ in heavy weeds, reeds, grass, milfoil, brush and around docks & piers for Big Bass, Giant Pike & Monster Muskie!

Jungle Jig® - Northland Fishing Tackle
Northland Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tips

  • Tie directly to 14-30 lb. test line on a heavy action rod. For Pike and Muskie, attach jig to 6"- 12" wire leader to eliminate bite-offs!
  • Cast or flip into heavy cover pockets, and let jig settle to bottom. Shake it, lift it, retrieve it . . . & thump it back to the bottom!
  • The fiber weedguard is designed for fishing thru heavy cover. When fishing sparse terrain, fan the weedguard, or cut out a few strands. It will provide a much better hook-up ratio!
  • When vertical jigging in deep water, use the no-stretch super-lines like Fire-Line! The fishing jig will fall faster, provide incredible feel and bone crushing hook sets!
  • For added effectiveness, tip with pork rind or soft plastic craws, frogs & worms!