The FIRE-BALL® JIG is the hottest jig on the Professional Walleye Trail, and has claimed more 1st place winners than all other fishing jigs combined! Its secret is a unique hooking system that features a "short-shank" wide-gap hook for a compact, natural presentation & superior hooking performance. It allows live bait to butt up tight to the jig head, & virtually become an extension of the jig itself. It sticks ‘em, hooks ‘em & holds ‘em!

The FIRE-BALL® JIG is designed for live bait and can be fished with or without a sting’r hook. When fish are active, the sting’r may not be necessary. When fish are mouthing or stealing your bait, clip on the "double-barb" bait holding sting’r hook. It will increase your catch by 50% or more . . . I guarantee it!

Northland Fishing Tackle
Fire Ball Jig® - Northland Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tips

  • Use the lightest jig possible, and attach directly to light and limp monofilament line! Do not use snaps, swivels or leaders!
  • Thread minnow into mouth and out top of head, pushing head up and onto shoulder of the fishing jig head. Hook leech through sucker end, and gob on crawler with 2" trailing tail!
  • Insert "sting’r" hook on "top side" of bait to eliminate snagging the bottom!
  • When fishing in strong wind, river current or over deep water, use a heavier jig and work it vertically below the boat!