The BAITFISH SPINNER RIGS are the hottest spinner rigs on the Professional Walleye Trail, and have claimed more 1st place winners than all other spinners combined! Their secret is a specially designed series of lifelike "holographic" Baitfish-Image® attractor blades that "match-the-hatch" and mimic gamefishes’ favorite meal . . . a crippled baitfish minnow! The shimmering blades spin, pick up light and reflect the Baitfish-Image® back with each revolution to produce the illusion of live bait. It fools wary fish and triggers aggressive strikes!

The BAITFISH SPINNER HARNESS has it all! They sport sticky-sharp Needle-Point hooks, durable snelled leaders and our "holographic" Baitfish-Image® attractor blades that provide maximum flash and lifelike reflection. They are available in three models with "single" or "double-hook" worm harnesses, and deadly behind Rock-Runner® Bottom Bouncer sinker weights.

Northland Fishing Tackle
Baitfish Spinner Rigs


  • In clear water, use natural baitfish colors like Silver Shiner, Perch & Rainbow Chub. In lightly stained water, sGold Shiner, Yellow Perch and Firetiger colors work best. For dark stained/muddy conditions, go to larger blades (#4, #5 or #6) in the hot colored fluorescents!
  • When trolling or retrieving a spinner, vary your speed by pumping the rod tip and with "S" turns & erratic "stop-and-go" movements from your motor!
  • When a bite is detected, hold rod steady and slowly drop hook towards fish before setting the hook! It’s often a 5 count. Let ‘em eat it . . . then stick it to ‘em!