In 2019 a new jig will expand Northland’s Glo-Shot® platform. Similar to the Glo-Shot® Spoon, the NEW Glo-Shot® Jig holds Northland’s revolutionary Glo- Shot® Stick . Inspired by the Forage Minnow® Jig, its body shape is perfect for every species that swims. Its light stick and fixed single hook design make it perfect for placing underneath a bobber knowing that it will be glowing all day long. With that being said, this bait is not only for a dead stick. Constructed from lead free Z-Alloy this jig swims, dances and flutters to mimic the favorite food source of a predator fish, a dying minnow. Available in three sizes and 12 colors there is a Glo-Shot® Jig for every species and situation. *Patent Pending

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