Essential Ice Fishing Tool for ice fishing efficiency and enjoyment


Bemidji, Minn. – To be an effective ice angler, you must be part fisherman, part nomad. You’re ever on the move, locating and re-locating fish amidst the hostile winter landscape. Your equipment must be lightweight yet durable to withstand unforgiving environments. It gets left behind if it doesn’t stand up to the challenges and isn’t worth its weight in fishing gold.

That’s where the mobile and efficient anglers at TEAM NORTHLAND® rise to the forefront. They know what it takes to catch fish through the ice. And what to take with them, and what to leave behind.

“When you’re drilling lots of holes to locate fish,” says Team Northland® Pro-Staffer Chip Leer, “every step you take, every move you make, and every ounce you carry counts. Efficiency is the key. Once you find fish, you can settle down and figure out how to catch them. Finding them is usually the most significant challenge.

“For clearing lots of holes quickly and easily while scouting for fish, nothing’s better than the TEAM NORTHLAND® FLIPPER DIPPER. It has an innovative hinge system that collapses when passing down through slush and then opens to lift slush out of your hole. It has a “Hi-Vis” 24-inch ruler for measuring ice thickness and trophy fish. And it’s built Tackle Tamer™ Tuff, with a high-impact strength plastic dipper that resists freeze-up. Plus, the wooden handle floats, just in case you lose your grip.

“I attach a few TEAM NORTHLAND® “Clip-On” ROD HOLDERS to the lip of a 5-gallon pail to hold unattended dead rods or float rods while I’m drilling holes, jigging spoons or landing fish for my buddies. They keep your rods and baits fishing for you, even when you’re busy elsewhere.

TEAM NORTHLAND’S® FLIPPER DIPPER and ROD HOLDER allow you to remain mobile and efficient while keeping your equipment safe and secure. They’re a sure-fire ice fishing tool for ice fishing success.


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