The bite continues here in South Dakota Ice Fishing…

An angler in South Dakota holding up two jumbo yellow perch he caught.

A combination of weather, angler, pressure, and time of year has slowed the bite some. There is still plenty of fish to be caught…..just need to work for them…..paying attention to detail and bringing your “A” game!

An ice fisherman holding up a yellow perch he caught when ice fishing.

Using electronics and/or an underwater camera is imperative in showing us their reaction to lures. Downsizing is critical this time of year and often going to more simple lures without sounds will entice more bites once fish are found. “Go-To” baits for perch have included the small Forage Minnow Spoons. Very little jigging movement as if to just get tipped bait to move without spoon moving often entices bites. Spikes and wax worms have been the best for tipping spoons and jigs. Low light periods are producing the best action.

A fisherman with a walleye he caught when ice fishing in South Dakota.

Walleyes have been biting also during low light periods or during the dark. Northland Tackle Buck-Shot Spoons and Buck-Shot Flutter Spoons tipped with minnow heads have been producing well.

I’m hearing a lot of “I can see them but they won’t bite”! Bringing a variety of lures and baits and changing it up….these fish can be caught! I always refer as bringing my “Arsenal”!

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