Artie Arndt and Mike Frisch show you all you need to know about using slip bobber fishing for walleyes. They will show you what kind of gear to use and how to fish it in this week’s episode of The Northland Fisherman.

A classic staple of walleye fishing is slip bobber fishing because of its ease and effectiveness throughout the seasons for producing big walleyes. What makes the Lite-Bite slip bobbers so effective in this technique is the brass grommet that allows the bobber to slide easily without wearing on the line and also the increased castability on the bobber and its high visibility properties.

Properly weighting your bobber in important so that it just barely floats that way there is less resistance when the fish pulls it under and gives you more time to react without the fish feeling the buoyancy of the bobber pulling back on them.

Diry water plays a factor in this as well especially when employing this technique during the day because those fish are more likely to stay in shallower areas if the water stays dirty because they feel less vulnerable and there’s less light penetration.

Artie says that a longer rod is important when bobber fishing because you are able to recover slack line faster and medium light action with a faster tip allows for some snap in that hookset to drive the small hook home on a bigger fish and hold that hook by absorbing big runs and head shakes.

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