Patience a virtue? Not always. Go ahead… SET IT!
Warning to predator fish everywhere: This time the Yoke’s on you!

Bemidji, MN – It was the perfect hookset…or so you thought. Yep, another swing and a miss. The wait was prolonged, agonizing, and nerve-racking. But once again the marauder got the best of you, gnarling your bait beyond recognition and leaving only the shredded evidence behind. Heartbroken, you re-rig and re-position the tip-up. Another Esox takes the bait – literally. This time the hook, swivel, and sinker are pick-pocketed like a tourist in Time Square. The line slashed in seconds from another snarl-toothed tyrant. And here you thought patience was a virtue…

Enter Northland’s “Quick-Strike” PREDATOR RIG™ – situation now under control… This distinctive quick-strike rig sports a Y-Yoke Harness™ design that’s heads and tails superior to traditional off-the-shelf devices and other cobbled-together configurations. The PREDATOR RIG™ securely holds suckers, ciscoes, shiners, and chubs, whether dead or alive, perfectly horizontal – just the way nature intended. Go ahead and set the hook as soon as a fish strikes. Pike, Walleyes, Lake Trout, and Muskies simply can’t spit the bait when there’s a “Quick-Strike” PREDATOR RIG™ in the mix.

Shiner on a Predator Rig

On the business ends of the PREDATOR RIG™ is a pair of razor-sharp premium VMC® blood-red, cone-cut treble hooks. Each hook is dressed with a “Holographic” Baitfish- Image™ attractor blade as well, adding two times the tantalizing flash to that already tempting minnow.

“Northland’s PREDATOR RIG™ a heavy-duty, live or dead bait hook and attractor system for targeting the toothiest critters that would normally mince inferior quick-strike rigs,” says TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro Staff Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson. “It’s the optimum system for presenting live suckers, ciscoes, chubs, and dead baits in a natural horizontal position. That, and the PREDATOR RIG™ yields an amazingly powerful vertical hookset, unlike traditional quick-strike rigs. With this rig, hook-up percentages are off the charts!”

Gussy with a pike caught on a Predator Rig
Jeff Gustafson, Pro Staff

The PREDATOR RIG™ is constructed with 45-lb. Surflon® Nylon-Coated Stainless Steel, Bleeding Leader™ Wire material, and a 90-lb., No. 5 crane swivel held in place by a heavy-duty, double-crimped leader sleeve. The entire rig is designed to eliminate bite offs whether bobbing below a float or dangling under a tip-up. Available in 3 hook sizes (#4, #2, and #1/0), and totally adjustable, to present any size or shape of live or dead bait in a natural pose. The PREDATOR RIG™ is available in four “Holographic” Baitfish-Image® attractor blade colors, including Silver Shiner, Gold Shiner, Firetiger, and Orange Tiger.


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