Patrick Kalmerton is co-owner and operator of Wolf Pack Adventures LLC, Pat guides clients from around the globe on Lake Michigan, its tributaries, and inland waters. Pat grew up in Sheboygan County, Wis., learning to hunt and fish under the instruction of his father, Roy. By age 12, Pat was first mating on charter boats; by 20, he’d earned his USCG Captain’s license. Pat quickly developed a reputation as an expert angler and hunter with abilities beyond his years, partially due to the lessons in conservation biology and sportsmen’s ethics that his father stressed as necessary to become a “complete outdoorsman.”

Today, Patrick Kalmerton is also involved in the design and promotion of today’s best fishing and hunting products. Whether it’s through TV, radio, fishing, hunting magazines, educational seminars, or sharing the day’s adventure with clients, Pat considers it a privilege to share his knowledge and passion for the outdoors with others.