Patrick Campeau is celebrating in 2019 a 33-year career as a Full-time Professional and passionate angler and hunter. He was named a 2014 Canadian Angler Hall of Fame inductee. (He is the only French Canadian to have ever received this type of honor). The everyday airing of his ExpoNature radio segments is broadcasted in 52 radio stations across Quebec. He is the official spokesperson for the French version of the Canadian National Sportfishing Foundation for the tenth consecutive year. Patrick contributes to 12 specialized magazines and newspapers. According to Outdoor Canada magazine in 2003, Patrick Campeau was one of 30 Canadians possessing the most influence in the hunting and fishing industry in Canada during the past 30 years. He was the Pro Bass Québec Champion in 2000, the A.P.A.S. Champion in 1996 and the Pro Bass Québec Champion in 1991. He is the official animator for several shows and the author of four books. Since May 2008, he is the Outdoor Writer for the newspaper called Journal de Montréal which connects with more than 3.1 million readers on all platforms combined. Paper, Web, and Mobile.