Northland adds tungsten and glow to the fire down below

NORTHLAND’S “Super-Glo” TUNGSTEN FIRE-BALL UV JIG is a heavy-hitter for panfish


Bemidji, Minn. – If you long for a radical new look and action in your panfish jigging, NORTHLAND’S“Super-Glo” TUNGSTEN FIRE-BALL® UV JIGS combine the hi-vis attraction of ultraviolet glow colors with their proven deadly Fire-Ball Jig design. And, they do it with a dense Hard Rock® head material that takes jigs down into the depths at warp speed.

Fire-Ball Jig package“Hi-vis, ultraviolet paint finishes are red hot for panfish,” says Team Northland Pro-Staffer Tony Boshold. “Fish are able to see your jig at a distance and zero in on its approach. If they can’t see it coming, they may not be able to find and hit it at the moment of truth. But when it shines through the murk like a lighthouse on a dark night, panfish zero in on the beacon of light and pounce on the jig when it comes within range.

“Northland’s compact Fire-Ball Jig head design has always been a winner for tipping jigs with livebait; thread a minnow onto the hook, and it tucks up tight to the head for a natural appearance, rather than loosely flopping on a longer hook shank. And now, with Northland’s exclusive top-of-the-head hook placement and custom hook design, you get an exaggerated up-down jigging action, in both open water and through the ice.

Northland Fishing Tackle angler holding up a crappie
Tony Boshold, Pro Staff

“This action is increased even more by molding the jig from heavy-weight tungsten to provide a compact profile and ultra-fast plummet into deep water. It not only gets your bait quickly down to the fish, but when you lift-drop the jig, it maximizes the vertical up-down action. You get heavy-weight performance without increasing the physical size of the head, minimizing water resistance in the process.”

“Super-Glo” TUNGSTEN FIRE-BALL® UV JIGS come individually packaged, in 6 Super-Glo “Balls-of-Fire” glow-in-the-dark UV color patterns. And in2 popular panfish jig weights—1/28 and 1/16 oz. -each carefully matched to the correct size hook. But just because they’re small doesn’t mean they’re light-weights; anything but. You get heavy-weight performance in a compact profile, which is exactly what panfish anglers prefer.

NORTHLAND’S Hard Rock™ TUNGSTEN FIRE-BALL® UV JIGS with “Neon” Super-Glo Glow Forever finishes. They sink like a rock to excite the bite!



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