Hauls in Hawg Walleyes, from Super-Slow to Fast and Furious
They activate live and soft baits at all speeds.

Northland Fishing Tackle Crawler Hauler Hook OptionsBemidji, Minn. – Tradition has it that live baits should be fished slowly, maximizing their natural action and attraction. Forage-mimicking soft baits, however, generally require a little get-up-and-go to make them wiggle and wobble with seductive flex appeal. But if you fish both, throughout a wide range of drifting and trolling speeds, what’s an angler to do?

NORTHLAND has the solution to the speed you need, whether creepin’ crawlers like inchworms or spin-doctoring spinners and softbaits pull speed ahead. And for just about every pace in between.

“In today’s high-stakes fishing events, nothing is off-limits,” says Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, tournament veteran and fishing guide supreme. “There are no lure or bait limitations. And no speed limits. Versatility and experimentation often make a difference between cashing checks and going home empty-handed.”

“Obviously, you need additional speed to make spinners spin, compared to the slower pace of livebait rigging. Yet even then, it pays to experiment by occasionally imparting bigger sweeps to your baits to attract and trigger potential biters. Or to troll faster to first locate fish, with the option to slow down once you find ‘em. Specialized rigs are needed to accommodate increased speeds and erratic motions.”

That’s where NORTHLAND’S new SPEED SPINNER comes into play. It features a life-like “Holographic Baitfish-Image®” spinner blade and clevis, rotating on a durable stainless steel wire harness that also helps prevent bite-offs by sharp-toothed pike. It’s perfect for high-speed, open-water trolling, pulling over and through grass and weeds, or behind a Slick-Stick® Bottom Bouncer. And it’s available in 4 popular forage patterns to mimic baitfish that big fish commonly feed upon.

The SPEED SPINNER showcases NORTHLAND’S innovative VMC CRAWLER HAULER HOOK, custom-designed with a FRANTIC-BAIT-ACTION, “Pro-Developed” bend, and “SNAP-BACK-BARB” bait keeper to keep both live and soft baits on the hook and moving realistically through the water.

For slower tactics, NORTHLAND’S new “Jointed” GUM-DROP FLOATER combines the same black VMC CRAWLER HAULER HOOK with their original “Gum-Drop” foam floater, creating an incredible “Jointed Floating Jig” that wiggles and wobbles while positioning live baits or soft baits above weeds, rocks or moss. The “SNAP-BACK-BARB” bait keeper prevents nightcrawlers, minnows, and soft baits from sliding down the hook shank. In fact, try threading an IMPULSE® Nightcrawler on the hook, slightly kinking the worm for more action. The “Jointed” GUM-DROP FLOATER comes 2 per pack, in 6 great walleye colors.

For do-it-yourselfers, NORTHLAND’s “Action-Packed” CRAWLER HAULER HOOK is also available separately, with 5 #2 black nickel hooks per pack. For best results, tie one onto a 36 to 48” Bionic leader, thread on your favorite live bait or soft bait, and pull it behind a Rock-Runner Bottom Bouncer.

Haul aboard! NORTHLAND’S CRAWLER HAULERS are on the move, from as slow as you can go, to throbbing and wobbling at warp speeds. They troll both live baits and soft baits and pull speed ahead!


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