Impulse Mayfly and Mini Smelt pack a powerful punch for panfish

Impulse Mayfly
Impulse® Mayfly

Bemidji, Minn. – Sometimes, the best natural live baits are difficult or impossible to obtain. Especially in smaller sizes to suit the miniature mouths of panfish. The solution? Lifelike soft baits are the next best thing to the real thing. Or possibly even better!

Enter NORTHLAND’S IMPULSE® JIG’N TAIL MAYFLY AND MINI SMELT, ultra-realistic imitations of two common forage species that all panfish love to eat. Best of all, they’re down-sized to fit between the narrow lips of bluegills, perch, and crappies. Fish slurp ‘em in like they’re going out of style.

Impulse Mini Smelt
Impulse® Mini Smelt

“In late spring and early summer, mayfly hatches provide essential food supplies at times when the correct-sized minnow forage is scarce at best,” says Team Northland® Pro-Staffer Brian Brosdahl. “Fish of all species, from panfish to walleyes, flock to swarms of mayflies emerging from Midlake areas with a soft bottom. In fact, fish often dig down into the mud to capture larval mayflies, even before they emerge. When the bug bite is on, you can’t beat it. But you can match the hatch.

Tony Roach with a blue gill caught ice fishing
Tony Roach, Pro Staff

“The same principle applies when schools of juvenile minnows reach edible size. Fish zero in on them for the seasonal feast. This goes for all species—from crappie minnows to shiners to smelt. If they’re abundant, fish find them and gorge themselves while it lasts. If you match the size and basic coloration of the minnow on the menu, you’ve got it made.

“That’s where NORTHLAND’S IMPULSE® JIG’N TAIL MAYFLY AND MINI SMELT become so valuable to your angling arsenal. The 1” JIG’N TAIL MAYFLY is designed with a miniature “true-to-life” mayfly body, featuring ultra-sensitive legs and an undulating tri-tail that quivers and pulsates to mimic the larvae of a hatching mayfly. The 1.25” MINI SMELT mimics “young-of-the-year” minnow fry to perfection. It has a sleek, flat-sided miniature body, and sports a dolphin-shaped Glider Tail™ that darts, glides, jukes, and jives on a free-fall. Between the two, you have all the bases covered, from bugs to minnows. And the nice thing is, they produce fish all year long—not just during the seasonal peaks when their natural counterparts are most abundant.”

NORTHLAND’S IMPULSE® JIG’N TAIL MAYFLY AND MINI SMELT come pre-rigged on 1/32-oz. Bro Bug® Heads with #10 hooks, so they’re ready to go, wherever and whenever fish are on the bite. These small, shoulderless and collarless heads are specifically designed to allow easy thread-on and removal of small-profile soft plastic baits without damage.

The IMPULSE® JIG’N TAIL MAYFLY AND MINI SMELT are packaged with two rigged jig/tail combos and 3 additional tails per pack. Each is available in 6 natural forage patterns to match popular bait species. Featuring Northland’s IMPULSE® Attractant, infused with baked-in MicroPlankton™ formula proven 143% more effective than the leading brand. Fish can’t resist it!

NORTHLAND’S IMPULSE® JIG’N TAIL MAYFLY AND MINI SMELT—your pre-rigged connection to the panfish collection.


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