Mn Mullet Masterclass

MN Mullet Masterclass: When it comes to fishing the Minnesota Mullet from Northland Fishing Tackle, the key is to target areas where bluegills are present, especially when they're suspended over open water, such as rock humps or deep weed lines. This versatile bait can be fished at various depths, with a retrieve-and-pause technique often effective for enticing strikes. While it excels during the dog days of summer, it can also be successful in springtime when fishing in shallower waters. With its synthetic material preventing fast sinking, it's ideal for mid-water column presentations. Overall, there's no wrong way to fish the Minnesota Mullet, as long as you're targeting areas where big panfish are lurking and ready to strike

Big Hair for Big Bites
MN Mullet (Perch)

Born in the state of hockey, the Minnesota Mullet is a big, flowing, hovering, water pushing machine. This big hair jig features a synthetic fiber material that creates a breathing, lifelike appearance in the water while also providing flotation to the jig. This will allow you to hover the bait over flats, weed beds and suspended fish while pulsing the hair, and its tantalizing back feather that teases big bass and other predator fish to absolutely inhale!

How to Fish: When it comes to fishing the Minnesota Mullet from Northland Fishing Tackle, you like to emulate the behavior of bluegills and crappies, often targeting deeper weed lines where these species congregate. Casting the bait out and allowing it to sink to the desired depth takes a bit of practice, but you'll find it straightforward to master. Once at the desired depth, you prefer a retrieve-and-pause technique, which not only triggers strikes but also helps maintain depth. The bait's buoyancy can cause it to rise during retrieval, so the pause allows it to sink back down, maintaining the allure for lurking predators. However, the Mullet's tail design adds enticing swimming and swaying action, making a straight retrieve or a more aggressive jigging pattern equally effective. For gear, you opt for a heavier rod paired with either straight braid or heavy fluorocarbon line to handle the bait's weight and the potential for big strikes. The Mullet features a robust hook, necessitating adequate gear to set it firmly and keep fish hooked once they strike. Overall, it's an enjoyable bait to fish, offering the anticipation of those massive bites that anglers crave.

When to Fish: During the dog days of summer is when you like to throw the Minnesota Mullet the best. For you, it really shines then because those bluegills, crappies, and perch are getting out into their summer haunts, suspended over weed lines and rock humps out in open water. As you can see, this profile imitates a big panfish, and big bass like big panfish. So, especially when you're looking for a big bite, whether you're out fun fishing trying to get a PB or Tournament Fishing, this big profile is really going to attract the big bass out of the school to strike.

Where to Fish: When it comes to where you fish the Minnesota Mullet, anywhere there's bluegills is where it really shines for you. When they're suspended over open water, whether it's on rock humps or deep weed lines, that's where you like to fish it. This jig comes in heavier sizes, but because of all the synthetic material, it doesn't sink very fast. So, when you're fishing out of those 12 to 18-foot weed lines, a lot of times you're fishing somewhere halfway down in the water column, sometimes even higher. That being said, when it comes to Springtime, you can fish up in shallow water too if you just cast it out, close the bail, and start retrieving it. So, again, there's no wrong place to fish this, but anywhere you're looking for a big bite and there's big panfish around is a great place to fish the Minnesota Mullet.


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