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Mimic Minnow® Tuff Tube



Bemidji, Minn.—Northland Fishing Tackle’s new Mimic Minnow® Tuff Tube imitates the underwater world’s most delicate and delicious baitfish. But thanks to super-sturdy silicone construction, this fish-catching new softbait won’t fall to pieces when hungry walleyes, pike, bass and trout attack.

“The new Mimic Minnow® Tuff Tube is one tough customer,” says Team Northland member Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson, who pursues predatory fish of all stripes everywhere from the Canadian Shield to the Florida Everglades.

“But it’s also extremely soft and flexible, so it swims, wiggles and feels just like a real baitfish,” he adds. “Plus, the tube’s extremely fine, silicone tentacles breathe with the slightest movement of the rodtip.”

Gustafson notes that the smallest Mimic Minnow® Tuff Tubes are equally deadly on panfish including perch, bluegills and crappies. “The Mimic Minnow® Tuff Tube is available in 1½-, 2½-, 3½- and 4½-inch sizes and 12 colors—including a glow-in-the-dark pattern—so there’s something for virtually every species and situation,” he explains. “Keep a selection on hand and you can’t go wrong.”

“Mimic Minnow Tuff® Tubes are perfect for a variety of presentations, too,” he says. “Drag them on bottom, hover them in place, jig them, hop and pop, you name it.”

To take the guesswork out of choosing jig weights and hook sizes, Mimic Minnow® Tuff Tubes come pre-rigged with a premium Northland Inner Tube Jig that is perfectly matched to the size of the bait. Suggested retail runs from $4.89 to $5.99 per 2, depending on size.

Size MSRP Lifelike And Durable, Long-Lasting Body

1½ inches $4.89-$5.99 Extra-FineUndulating Tentacles

2½ inches Pre-Rigged On Inner Tube Jig

3½ inches Perfect For All Species Of Gamefish

4½ inches Swims And Wiggles To Mimic Real Baitfish

White, Glo Perch, Firetiger, Green Perch, Pink Tiger, Green Pumpkin, Purple Tiger, Electric Perch, Shad, Red Tiger, Sunrise Tiger, Ghost Tiger

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Kyle Waterman, Marketing,, (218) 751-6723.

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