Midsummer Bottom Bouncer Walleyes: An easy way to catch midsummer walleye right now is to cover water and find fish with bottom bouncers. Jason Mitchell joins Sam Larsen from Northland Fishing Tackle. Targeting walleye on the outside edge of weed lines in the South Dakota Glacial Lakes Region (Bitter Lake). Algae blooms and wind enable you to fish right below the boat with a heavy bottom bouncer and spinner harnesses. We use the Northland Tackle Butterfly Blades because these harnesses turn and lift at much slower speeds which is an advantage when following irregular weed edges. Includes a complete rundown of pattern and setup so you can incorporate this style of fishing to catch more walleye this summer!

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Lightweight Butterfly® Blade rides higher and spins at slower speeds than traditional Indiana and Colorado designs and consistently catches walleyes, jumbo perch and other game fish. It excels when rigged with a nightcrawler or artificial IMPULSE® Nightcrawler, but don’t overlook a live leech; hook the leech’s head on the front hook and its tail on the trailer.

  • Made from polycarbonate
  • 60-inch snell/leader length
  • Features two blade sizes
  • Premium Needle-Point Hooks

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