Ice fishing with tungsten jigs offer a number of key advantages over lead alternatives when it comes to fishing for panfish through the ice. In this video, Brad Hawthorne breaks down those advantages and shares some tips that will help you catch more crappies and bluegills this winter using tiny, micro tungsten panfish jigs.

The details make the difference and that is what makes the gill getter and mud bug so special from Northland Fishing. From panicked bulging eyes to flat spots for better sonar return, every meticulous detail was planned out when they made their own molds to create a truly unique and special tungsten lineup. 60 degree line tie, slightly upturned hook, all done so that you will catch more fish through the ice this season.

We are increasing hookup percentages, increasing action from your live bait and plastics and giving even the pressured bluegills and crappies a presentation that they’ve never seen and cannot resist.

As the midwinter blues set in and fish get picky and harder to catch it’s these little things that make a big difference between a bad day on the ice and the best days of the season. Don’t short yourself this season, stock up on a variety of sizes and colors and ensure you have the most productive ice season possible with when you are ice fishing with tungsten jigs from Northland Fishing Tackle.

Northland Fishing Tackle Products Used:

Tungsten Mud Bug Jig

Tungsten Gill-Getter Jig

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