Trolling crankbaits for walleyes during the mid-summer months doesn’t need to be a complex process. Grab some line counter reels spooled with fluorocarbon, a few planer boards and some Northland Rumble B’s and you’re ready to fill the boat with some chunky summertime ‘eyes.

The Northland Fishing Tackle Rumble B Minnowbait incorporates top-shelf Scandinavian design that trolls with unprecedented flash and a unique “hunting” action, even on a straight run. Pull it slow for a steady rocking, rolling action that mesmerizes less-active fish; pick up the pace for a more frantic swim style that triggers aggressive bites.

In the summer months there is no easier way to catch walleyes than to troll cranks but there are a few major keys that will set you up for the most success. One of the biggest keys is keeping the bait away from the boat, away from the noise, and not spooking those finicky walleyes. Another major factor is speed, the general rule of thumb is go slow in summer and utilize that 1.5-2.0 mph baseline although you can take that up or down depending on conditions and mood of the fish. Third, make sure you stay consistent with your gear choices and map out your dive curve so you know exactly what your baits are doing under the water and where they are swimming in the water column.

In terms of choosing your color, know your baitfish and what the walleye are feeding on. There is a balance between natural colors and bright colors however the most important thing is changing it up based on light penetration, depth, and water clarity. Big bodies of water with high perch populations often show great success with chartreuse hues while shiner and shad eaters react to blues and silvers with aggression. 

When trolling for walleyes this summer, be sure to use all these tools to have more success.

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