Leech Lake Fishing 101: Brian Brosdahl shares a boatload of information that will help you catch more walleye, perch, and more the next time you fish Leech Lake in northern Minnesota.

One thing that’s very unique about Leech is the diversity of the structure of the lake and its sheer size which offers so many different habitats for an incredible walleye population. Every bay is different and can almost be its own lake of sorts so you have to break them down into smaller areas. Bro says water temp is important in figuring out how these bays differ in temp and depending on the time of year there’s always a bite to be had somewhere.

Bro loves a good jig bite and Leech Lake is a perfect jig lake almost year-round with varying baits but spring into summer is his prime time for jigging. As the water clears and gets warm he will bottom bounce, pull spinners, and of course, the slip bobber pattern can be unbeatable. Summer Walleyes on the vast rock reefs across the main lake can provide consistent action along with fishing cabbage and milfoil edges that hungry walleyes work their way through.

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