Bro with a walleye he caught on a Nothland Tackle Deep-Vee Jig

Walleye soothsayer Brian “Bro” Brosdahl locks down on late summer walleyes

BEMIDJI, Minn. (August 19, 2021) – Jigs and spring fishing are like Santa Claus and winter frolicking. But have you heard of Christmas in July? Surely. Maybe not Christmas in August, but you get the picture. Sometimes, stereotypes are ripe for the breaking. Such is the case with jigs – often considered a spring thing – as Northland Fishing Tackle pro-Brian “Bro” Brosdahl lays the haymaker to walleyes near the end of the dog days.

In the north country, according to Bro, surface temps are just beginning to cool with increasing winds and cooler overnight temps. The big fall bite will commence soon, too, but Bro is equally satisfied with the number of walleyes he’s currently catching, focusing on deeper rock spines and lush vegetation.

Jigging is the ticket. Bro’s failsafe combo is a Northland Deep-Vee Jig garnished with an IMPULSE® Smelt Minnow. The legendary walleye guide casts, lets the bait find the bottom, jigs with a sweeping action, and pauses between motions. His chosen wand is a St. Croix 6’ 8”, medium-action Legend Elite. Bright, contrasting jig colors in play, throwing 1/16 to 1/8-ounce in the shallows, 1/4-ounce in mid-depths, and 3/8-ounce in 20 feet plus.


Late summer walleye tactics video with Brian Brosdahl

Northland’s novel Deep-Vee Jig sports a keeled design with a thick top that tapers to the belly, causing it to track straight and fall fast. The bait also features incredibly realistic holographic, 3D eyes. Whether fishing with live bait or plastics, the Deep-Vee’s Barb-Wire® keeper makes sure your bait isn’t going anywhere.


Northland Tackle Deep Vee Jig head

Northland Fishing Tackle Deep Vee Jig

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