Another fishing-first from Northland – soft plastics “Tri-Fecta”
make fish bite and hang on . . . and on and on . . .

Bemidji, MN – If it looks like real fish forage, moves like real fish forage, and smells like real fish forage, it’d be silly to call it by any other name: fish forage. If fish sniff it, bite it and hold onto it, we’d call that “extraordinary bait.” Now a reality, this advanced new series of remarkable soft plastics travel by the name IMPULSE® REACTIONARY BAITS. Poured with the softest plastic into the most detailed shapes and body parts, then infused with an exclusive scent formula, IMPULSE® boasts a 100-percent eat-and-keep rate—fish strike and hang on, so you hook every bite!

Impulse Mayfly
Impulse® Mayfly
Impulse logo
Impulse TapewormImpulse® Tapeworm
Impulse Mini Smelt
Impulse® Mini Smelt

IMPULSE® REACTIONARY BAITS are an awesome new series of real looking soft plastic baits that truly represent the Tri-Fecta of attracting fish . . . Scent, Color and Action!” exclaims professional angler and TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro-Staff Tony Roach. “I can effortlessly send their lifelike and ultra-sensitive bodies into deadly quivers, making IMPULSE® baits my top choice for ice fishing. Infused with IMPULSE® instinctual attractant, IMPULSE® has instantly become my first choice for virtually every fishing situation when I’m trying to hook Perch, Crappies, Sunfish, Walleyes, and Trout.”

In an independent laboratory study, IMPULSE® was 143% more effective than the leading soft plastic brands…period. Fortified with Northland’s top secret attractant, IMPULSE® stirs up powerful cravings in fish—they eat ‘em and hold onto ‘em. Never before has a soft plastic bait combined all three fundamental fish-attracting features—Scent, Color, and Action – into one supremely appetizing presentation.

Tony Roach with an ice fishing perch
Tony Roach, Pro Staff

Microplastics are the hottest baits on the ice fishing scene, but only IMPULSE® perfectly blends natural shape, color, action, and scent. Fish see ‘em, sniff ‘em, bite ‘em and hold ‘em! With four natural micro invertebrate body shapes, matching the underwater hatch is as easy as opening a pack. Check out the silky swimming IMPULSE® MINI SMELT, mud-diggin’ IMPULSE® MAYFLY, larva-like ultra-thin, gummy IMPULSE® TAPEWORM. In sealable bags, IMPULSE® REACTIONARY BAITS excite the bite and seal the deal!


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