Catch ‘em before they emerge, hatch, and fly away
“More real than real” describes Northland Fishing Tackle®’s
action & scent-packed IMPULSE MAYFLY.


Northland Tackle Impulse Mayfly
Impulse® Mayfly


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Bemidji, MN – Burrowed into the lake bottom, unseen by anglers, meaty mayfly nymphs nourish plate-wide panfish like no other underwater cuisine. Yet even armed with this knowledge, failing to precisely imitate this scrumptious panfish treat means your hook can get mighty lonely down there. This is why panfish purists will be excited to get their frozen fingers on the anatomically accurate IMPULSE MAYFLY, new from the ice lure artists at Northland® Fishing Tackle.

“The IMPULSE® MAYFLY is a perch and panfish’s favorite soft plastic bug forage!” says TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro and Pied Piper of Panfish, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. “Like a live mayfly, the IMPULSE® MAYFLY is designed with a miniature “true-to-life” insect body and features ultra-sensitive legs and an undulating tri-tail that quivers and pulsates to mimic the larvae of a hatching mayfly. Its ultra-lifelike profile lures fish from afar, while the IMPULSE® instinctual attractant turns the cruisers into biters. Pounded into the soft bottom on a tiny jighead or fished on a dropper rig, the IMPULSE® MAYFLY has become my go-to bait for monster yellow perch and panfish.”

Bluegill with a Impulse May Fly in it's mouthConvincing on looks alone, the IMPULSE® MAYFLY’s design goes way beyond skin-, or rather, thorax-deep. Just as realistic as something off a fly tier’s vice, the IMPULSE® MAYFLY wins in every category, including Scent, Color, and Action. With soft, fiber-thin legs, antennae, abdomen, thorax, and tail, the IMPULSE® MAYFLY quivers and crawls along as if it’s about to molt, emerge and sprout wings. The MAYFLY’s realism tricks panfish every time, but it’s actually IMPULSE®’s top-secret, instinctual scent formula that seals the deal. In fact, an independent laboratory study proved that IMPULSE® is 143% more effective than any other soft plastic bait on the market. Fish eat ‘em and hang on, so you feel every bite and hook every fish!

Bro with a yellow perch caught on the Impulse May Fly
Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, Pro Staff

Microplastics are the hottest baits on the ice fishing scene, but only IMPULSE® seamlessly blends natural shape, color, action, and scent. Fish see ‘em, sniff ‘em, bite ‘em and hold ‘em! Ultra-soft, tasty IMPULSE® MAYFLY bodies are poured into 8 enticing colors that draw strikes from even the most stubborn panfish. Rig one with a “Bug-Eyed” Bro Bug® Head or new tungsten HARD-ROCK™ MOOSKA JIG. Stored in zip-locked 8-pack bags, IMPULSE® REACTIONARY BAITS excite the bite and seal the deal!


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