Team Northland Pro Will Pappenfus shows you how to fish large minnows. Rigging large minnows is an extremely effective way of catching fish from late summer to fall and Will gives you a few tips on how to do it!

Your hookset is key with big minnows you just want to sweep the hookset so the hook doesn’t slingshot out of the Walleye’s mouth. Just an easy lean into those big fish is enough to keep them pinned.

Using a large weight often times upwards of an ounce and a size 2 hook Will looks out deep for his bigger than average fish looking for a bigger than average meal. A 3 foot snell keeps the bait closer to the bottom where the walleyes had been sitting.

The actual rigging for this big creek chub is quite simple, you are just barely nose hooking the bait through the front of the lips so it can still move freely and look as natural as possible when dragging in front of a walleye.

Use your electronics to track the fish around the boat and position your bait accordingly, after that it’s as simple as waiting for that line to jump because walleye can’t resist an opportunity for a free big meal. Be sure to let them eat the bait for a second because that hook is all the way in front of the minnow.


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