Brian Bro Brosdahl shows you how he fishes a UV Whistler Jig for walleye. On top of that, he goes into detail on his jigging setup for walleyes. Learn about the rod reel and line combo he uses to fish jigs!

This jig is often forgotten about by many anglers because it doesn’t fit the traditional jig mold but when you’re dealing with pressured fish or a tough bite sometimes it’s necessary to think out of the box to get more bites. Bro consistently uses the whistler jig across the Midwest with great success on some of the most famed bodies of water, often outfishing those around him using traditional jigs.

He opts for a medium-light spinning rod and a slightly larger 2500 sized spinning reel because it picks up more line and is typically a little smoother on the drag. If it’s windy he chooses a shorter rod but prefers something between 6’6″ and 7’6″ for optimal casting distance and also better control of his jig as he works it back towards the boat. Light braid to a slightly lighter fluorocarbon leader keeps that line invisible to fish but makes casting smooth and easy. He rigs his minnow just behind the head and gently lifts and lets the jig fall because the jig’s natural spinning action doesn’t need to be ripped or jerked. Most of the bites will come on the fall so always be paying attention and watch that line for any changes or ticks.

There’s no better way to stand out from the crowd than by fishing something the walleyes aren’t used to seeing and can’t resist.

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